Kunjamminis Hospital (2023) Malayalam Movie

Kunjamminis Hospital
Kunjamminis Hospital

Kunjamminis Hospital is a newly launched Malayalam movie that was released on 11 August 2023. The movie is written by Abhayakumar K. and Anil Kurian, and directed by Sanal V. Devan. The producer of the Kunjamminis Hospital movie is Santhosh Thrivikraman and the production company of the movie is Wow CinemasAjay David Kachappilly has done the cinematography of the movie and the editing of the movie is done by Mansoor Muthutty. The music of the movie is done by Ranjin Raj and the official runtime of the movie is 133 minutes. The reported budget of the movie is ₹3.5 crore (US$422k) and the distribution of the movie is done by Wow Cinemas.

The main characters from the movie are Indrajith Sukumaran as Dr. Lyon Ilanjikkaran, Nyla Usha as Riny Titus, Prakash Raj as Dr. Chacko, Baburaj as Maala Varkey, Sarayu Mohan as Susanna Johny, Mallika Sukumaran as Reetha Uthup Paalamattom (Ammamachi), Harisree Ashokan as Pappachan, Binu Pappu as Fabi Manjooran, and Biju Spoanam as Fr. Ainickal Joy. There is a total of three songs from the movie. The first song from the movie is “Ormakalee” with lyrics by Vinayak Sasikumar and sung by Adithya RK. The length of the first song from the movie is 3 minutes and 46 seconds.

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The second song from the movie is “Akashathalla” with lyrics by Santhosh Varma and sung by VidyadharanIndrajith, and Divya S. Menon. The length of the second song from the movie is 4 minutes and 6 seconds. The last and third song from the movie is “Nilavuthulli” with lyrics by B.K. Harinarayanan and sung by Neha Nair and Arvind Venugopal. The length of the last and third song from the movie is 3 minutes and 53 seconds. The total length of these three songs combined from the movie is 11 minutes and 45 seconds.

Kunjamminis Hospital
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Cast list of Kunjamminis Hospital

  • Indrajith Sukumaran as Dr. Lyon Ilanjikkaran
  • Nyla Usha as Riny Titus
  • Prakash Raj as Dr. Chacko
  • Baburaj as Maala Varkey
  • Sarayu Mohan as Susanna Johny
  • Mallika Sukumaran as Reetha Uthup Paalamattom (Ammamachi)
  • Harisree Ashokan as Pappachan
  • Binu Pappu as Fabi Manjooran
  • Biju Spoanam as Fr. Ainickal Joy
  • Alexander Prasanth as Rajan Kartha
  • Shari as Dr. Rashmi Balan
  • Sarath Das as Dr. Sam Joseph
  • Gilu Joseph as Elsy
  • Ganga Meera as Kathrina
  • Altaf Manaf as Sajimon
  • Ashvi Prajith as Aaroshi
  • James Eliya
  • Sudheer Paravoor
  • Unniraj Cheruvathur
  • Aradhya Ann

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The Kunjamminis Hospital Movie got positive reviews from audiences and critics. Only 114 people rated this movie 9 stars out of 5 stars on IMDb, which are good reviews from audiences but can be fake as reviewers are low.

Sajin Shrijith from Cinema Express rated this movie 3.5 stars out of 5 stars and said “Indrajith is endearing as a potential-laden doctor looking for second chances. Baburaj seems to have so much fun playing a reformed thug. Nyla glows with grace and determination in a role that sees her occupied in a fair amount of, err, multitasking.

Swathi P Ajith from Onmanorama rated this movie 2.5 stars out of 5 stars and said “In summation, ‘Kunjamminis Hospital’ manages to serve as a satisfactory entertainer, tailored for viewers who anticipate a level above outright hilarity. While it doesn’t quite deliver gut-busting humour, it maintains an above-average standard.

How to Watch The Kunjamminis Hospital Movie

The Kunjamminis Hospital movie is currently running at the box office and if you want to watch the movie now then you must have to go to the nearest theatre where the movie is currently running. You can use BookMyShow or Google Maps to find your nearest theatre and book tickets from there. If you still can’t find any theatre near you then you must have to wait until the movie got released on an OTT platform like SonyLivAmazon Prime VideosNetflix, and Zee5.

After the movie got released on one of these OTT platforms you just have to buy a subscription if you don’t have any after that you can watch and download the Kunjamminis Hospital movie from the official OTT partner of the movie without any issues.

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